Mass adoption of StarkNet-based technologies
ArgentX - Using the open-source, audited ArgentX wallet, you may explore the Starknet ecosystem while benefiting from improved security features like multisig, real-time fraud monitoring, and 2FA. Your assets are only accessible to you.
Braavos - Asset management for self-custodial use is now simpler than ever with Braavos Smart Wallet for Starknet! You can manage your assets from within your browser and safely access decentralised applications on Starknet with Braavos.
JediSwap - Creating tools and applications with StarkNet's largest community-driven crypto project. Quick tutorials, documentation, an open source platform, and a Javascript SDK are provided at first.
Nimbora - Using Zero Knowledge Rollups, thousands of transactions can be handled in one batch of processing. By offering validity proofs rather than publishing full transaction data on the Ethereum blockchain, this can be accomplished. gas fee concerns are no longer a concern! When engaging with your preferred L1 protocols, ZK technology in conjunction with Account Abstraction results in a significant decrease in gas fees.
Pragma - Your smart contracts are decentralized, transparent and composable
Herodotus - This API allows developers to focus on creating by mutualizing the costs of generating storage proofs and saving them a considerable amount of time.
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ArgentX mobile wallet
User-friendly wallet designed for StarkNet applications
Tools for concentrated liquidity providers
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Rewards system
With a robust reward system, Diverse aims to reward users based on their usage of the platform. Diverse tokens are rewarded for transactions. To learn more about the reward system, visit Diverse forum below.
Resource Management
We place a high priority on responsibility, transparency, and a value-oriented approach because we are stewards of an important protocol and have the capacity to influence the financial results of many products on StarkNet.
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